Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit based out of Auroville. Preserving nature's beauty in products since 1980, we are a small business supporting women's livelihoods. We capture Earth's rich variety of form and colour through pressed flowers, leaves, grasses and seeds that are crafted with love into jewellery, stationery, tableware, lighting, furniture and decor. We are committed to working with environment friendly processes - the flowers and the foliage that we use are grown in our garden, the seeds and some of the wood are from the forests of Auroville; most products are made of handmade paper, which is processed by recycling cotton rags and other natural fibres.
Classic Flower Coaster

The coasters which come in a set of four, use handmade paper, made with recycled cotton rags and straw fiber.
Each set of coasters are decorated with pressed flowers and leaves.

Classic Flower Tray

Tray made of Red Cedarwood and decorated with intricate flowers, leaves and grasses.

Gold Papaya Coaster

Set of four coasters, made with Millingtonia hortensis wood and coloured papaya leaf, used against a luxurious backdrop of gold.

Gold Papaya Tray

Made of Millingtonia hortensis wood, handmade paper and pressed coloured papaya leaf.

Bedside Lamp

Set the perfect mood with this contemporary lampshade with the blooms of a tropical garden.

Aquarelle Table Lamp

The blooms of a tropical garden in all their vibrant profusion of colour, shape and size are artistically arranged to bring the soothing effects of nature into one's life.

Bamboo Tray Table (with handles)

Made of Acacia auriculiformis wood, this stylish handcrafted tray table is perfect for serving guests, displaying items and can even serve as a laptop table.

Carica Papaya Table Mat

Real papaya leaf on handmade paper, made with recycled cotton rags and straw fiber.
The mats are laminated making them easy to wipe clean. Comes in a set of six.

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