At Mora Taara we love bringing you beautiful objects to add a sparkle to your already perfect life.

An ode to the traditional Indian pot shape, perfect for the table top or for that tiny green corner with small plants and succulents.

An eye-catching piece that is designed to provide a beautiful stand-alone statement by presenting a lighter, airy display for your favourite houseplants.

Bring countryside charm to your home and create a focal interest with these lovely woven pots on stand.

Add a touch of sophistication to your plants display with these lovely sleek brass metal planters.

While being a great choice for a housewarming gift, the black tub planter with legs in two sizes goes a great way for adding an artisanal appeal to your space. Simply add a favourite house plant or decorative botanicals for an eye-catching display.

A striking decor piece, handcrafted meticulously from ceramic and finished with intricate 3D flowers, to create a unique textured surface.

Hand-painted by skilled artisans, this beautiful porcelain bowl will add beauty to your display of floating flowers or candles.

Bring a visual harmony to your table setting with this blue and white bowl - classic in design and colour combination.

Bring an elegance to your table with these exclusive bowls from the Jade collection.

Polished white marble against gleaming copper makes this set of cheese knives a must-have for your dinner party. Sold as a set of three.

The delightful vintage character of this sugar and creamer set will appeal to all who appreciate the timeless elegance of old silverware. Place it on the tray to add glamour to your daily rituals of tea time or after dinner coffee. Sold as a set of two pots.

A heavy brass round tray featuring a striking reflective mirrored surface. Sitting atop dainty brass legs, the cut-work frame around the tray has a beautiful pattern and an antique gold finish. Place a votive holder, some flowers and a tiny figurine to turn into a striking display accent.

Metal tray featuring a swirling etched pattern and beautiful leaf handles, with an antiqued brass finish, is perfect for serving drinks and snacks in style.

A big bold eye-catching serving piece. Hand cast and beautifully textured with an antique bronze finish and an engraved base.

A beautiful vintage wrought-iron bell with a horse head mounted above, is a perfect entrance décor piece for your home.

The geometric pattern and medieval silhouette of this Moroccan ceiling lamp evokes a magical mood. Finished with a rich golden gloss, it exhibits a subtle visual texture and makes an essential piece for a classical setting.

The frosted blue glass of this star shaped t-light holders creates a beguiling play of light and colour when lit. Perfect for creating an instant festive or party mood, hang a few together for a dramatic effect.

The bright red macaw sitting on a twine pops out against the blue and green of the tropical backdrop on this ceramic decorative plate. This lush design will add a punch of colour to a room.

A classic representation of our Indian murals & painting of princesses in a garden, this designer wall plate is an artistic addition to any wall.

Tiny sculptural birds perched on a flower make for a delightful little dish. Use it as a decorative piece, a small catch-all tray or a soap dish.

Create a serene and fragrant atmosphere at your home with soft lights and your choice of scent. This comes in an aqua coloured dish with a floral centre as the stick holder. It is designed like colourful flowers of spring with fora natural floral garden look.

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