Reviving traditional and folk arts with modern contemporary fashion wearable art, storytelling and technology. Each piece is one of a kind, made by folk artists across India.

The perennial human need to connect and find our tribe, has been beautifully depicted on this wooden clutch, by Rajender Sharma from Jaipur - a self taught Mughal miniature artist for 25 years.

Mughal miniature painting, hand painted on a raw silk clutch by Rajender Sharma from Jaipur - a self taught artist of 25 years.

Hand painted Madhubani on silk clutch by Ranjeet Jha - an young and enterprising artist from Bihar.

Hand painted wooden clutch by artist Riyaz from Kashmir - part artist, greater part philosopher.
The Persian art form of papier-mâché with the beautiful golden leaves from the Chinar Valley of Kashmir calls out to you to surrender to their beauty.

Using waste paper from the printing press in Kashmir, this clutch has been completely handmade using papier-mâché technique and hand painted by artist Riyaz.

A beautiful rendering of the lotus on wooden clutch, by a well-known Pichwai artist from Kishangarh, Shehzad Ali Sherani.

The circle of life is illustrated through a herd of deer on silk clutch.
Artist Venkat Raman Singh Shyam from Madhya Pradesh has entrenched himself in the world of Gond art for the last four decades.

The chirps and melodies of the provocative mynah birds are hand painted on this wristlet, by Gond artist Venkat Raman Singh Shyam from Sejohra village of Madhya Pradesh.

Artist Apindra Swain from the village of Raghurajpur has depicted these beautiful fish gravitating towards the ocean, by using Pattachitra on this black foldover clutch / sling bag.

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