Jodha Jewels - a brand which celebrates the heritage of India through its designs in jewellery. It connects the glorious past of the culturally rich India with the contemporary times through its wonderfully created pieces. The antiques have a unique beauty of integrating the history of India into its designs. Each piece tells a story from North to South, East to West, of rural and urban India, magically connecting it all, in its designs. The brand's creative inspiration comes from the passion for revival of Indian craft techniques and traditions, and celebrating the forgotten tribes of India through their jewellery and designs.

70 years old antique silver choker from Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh, worn by the tribal women of the hills.

Pure silver, antique tribal glass choker from Rajasthan, inspired by Rang Mahal architecture of the city.

Almost 50 years old, this antique silver choker from Chamba district of Himachal, was procured from Gujjar tribe of hills.

Pure silver choker in beautifully etched tribal design and ghungroo latkans.
A classic old design of Rajasthan's craftsmanship.

Antique pendant in unique triangular shape, from Lahaul Spiti valley.

Pure silver necklace, in a bohemian design, from Rajasthan.

Pure silver square-shaped bangle in a contemporary design, with chittai workmanship from Rajasthan.

The most popular ornament of Rajasthan, worn by tribal community - pure silver cuff bracelet, also known as 'Kalsi' in Rajasthan.

Pure silver, oversized Jhumkas, with large glass studs and long delicate tassels of pearls.
The earrings have little floral motifs giving it a dainty look.

Pure silver anklets in an unique and exquisite design, very popular in Rajasthan.

Pure silver anklets with 'ghungroos' linked in small bunches. Sold as a pair.

Anklets with semi-precious Kundan settings.

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