Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit based out of Auroville. Preserving nature’s beauty in products since 1980, we are a small business supporting women’s livelihoods. We capture Earth’s rich variety of form and colour through pressed flowers, leaves, grasses and seeds that are crafted with love into jewellery, stationery, tableware, lighting, furniture and decor. We are […]

Green Island

An eco store with stylish alternatives to replace single use plastics. Planting a tree for every single order.


Amaré is a cruelty free and eco-friendly fashion brand, that brings together the ethics of vegan leather with the luxury of precious stones. Designed in Belgium, each piece is handcrafted by artisans in Italy using the most innovative plant-based materials. Natural diamonds and gemstones are used as subtle accents to the design. For every product […]

Wondrwood Home Decor

Beautiful design with a purpose. We believe that true beauty lies in fulfilling many purposes, which is why our products are designed for practicality, sustainability & aesthetics. Wondrwood was founded on the basis of inviting more nature into our homes through 100% natural, eco-conscious & design-conscious wooden kitchenware & home decor.


A conscious luxury brand. Designed in London, handcrafted in Italy.

Authentic House

Authentic House provides plastic-free, eco-friendly products that reduce waste and protect the planet. Every order plants a tree.

Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture works directly with farms & workshops to create high quality eco friendly products & plastic free reusable alternatives. Responsible brand & zero waste movement who advocate for a better future.