Shradhanjali is a handicraft unit based out of Auroville. Preserving nature’s beauty in products since 1980, we are a small business supporting women’s livelihoods. We capture Earth’s rich variety of form and colour through pressed flowers, leaves, grasses and seeds that are crafted with love into jewellery, stationery, tableware, lighting, furniture and decor. We are […]


A celebration of art & design – ARTychoke is a homegrown brand of exquisitely handcrafted products infused with original art. Their ethically sustainable collection of home décor and accent furniture is the romance of traditional handcrafted techniques with the beauty of art. All ARTychoke products are made in India with locally sourced materials.

Wondrwood Home Decor

Beautiful design with a purpose. We believe that true beauty lies in fulfilling many purposes, which is why our products are designed for practicality, sustainability & aesthetics. Wondrwood was founded on the basis of inviting more nature into our homes through 100% natural, eco-conscious & design-conscious wooden kitchenware & home decor.

Wyld & Beaux

We believe in natural wellness that is kind to mother nature. All of our products are eco-friendly.

Baro Market

A bazaar of incredible objects, magical skill and wonder-filled stories that come from all over India.