A bazaar of incredible objects, magical skill and wonder-filled stories that come from all over India.
Flower Choker
Flower Choker

A garland choker made out of embroided elemental flowers. Chasis of copper/brass with adjustable leather cord.

Kali Choker
Kali Choker

An elemental choker carved out of brass and copper, studded with amber stone.

Checkered - Neckpiece
Checkered - Neckpiece

Handcrafted neckpiece with French knots in thread and zardozi with surface embellishments.

Chakra - Neckpiece

A beautiful combination of thread work in French knots with metal sequins forming a gold chakra.
Colours: maroon and gold.

Spike Wheel Ear-rings
Spike Wheel Earrings

A handcrafted elemental spike wheel with intricate embroidery.

Kashmir Earcuff

Handcrafted pure brass earcuff inspired from Islamic and Peshwari motifs.

Upcycled Earrings

Handmade by artisans with waste fabric bits and metal/ ceramic detailing. Light and fun, these are zero waste and easy to wear.

Beaded necklace and earrings sets

Orange beads hand-embroidered by the Warli tribal women. This necklace has an orange flower heart as its center piece and surrounded by beads of harmonic colors. The earrings were made to support the necklace in color and design.

Decopunk Pendant
Decopunk Pendant

Decopunk pendant framed in Art Deco inspired mid-century watch bezels. Multi-layered watch parts are placed on a skeletonised base which has been hand cut.


Handcrafted from vintage watch parts. Each piece is individually designed with a fresh inspiration to tell a unique story.

Handcrafted Cufflinks

Handcrafted from vintage watch parts and encased in silver. Each piece is individually designed with a fresh inspiration to tell a unique story.

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