Authentic House provides plastic-free, eco-friendly products that reduce waste and protect the planet. Every order plants a tree.

Coconut and soy wax hand-poured candle with winter berries & cinnamon scent. Each candle comes in a rose gold tin, sprinkled with blue cornflower petals and berries.

Candles made from coconut and soy wax, and hand decorated with cornflower petals. Vegan and palm free, these tealights come in a pack of four.

Fabulous bath bomb duo in sweet orange and lavender to help you relax and evoke happy memories.

Packed in a recycled paper bag and handmade with love in the UK.

A beautiful bar, swirled through with pink clay and spinach, with a sweet lemony scent of geranium flowers and may chang.

A beautiful bar swirled through with spinach and activated charcoal, with a deep citrus scent. Great for improving your mood, a source of vitamins and deep cleansing to balance out your skin.

A blend of orange and cinnamon for a comforting, woody, citrus scent and to help with focus and positivity. Annatto provides rich colour and antioxidants to this bar.

With sweet orange, cloves and cinnamon, this bar has a deep and woody citrus scent and helps to keep your skin clear and youthful.

Blended with essential oils and containing a slice of loofah for extra exfoliation. This bar is particularly helpful in balancing out oily skin or helping to prevent eczema and acne. 

A heady floral scent with a citrus undertone. Wonderful for the skin, helps to reduce signs of ageing and treat scars and stretch marks. Also a good choice to relieve stress.

A replacement for shaving gel, packed with moisturising plant butters and essential oils especially chosen to care for the skin and promote healing post shave. Blended almond, bergamot, sandalwood and frankincense essential oils create a rich, woody scent with a hint of citrus.

A zesty, refreshing blend of sweet orange, grapefruit, patchouli and lime. With antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils to boost hair growth, this bar will leave your hair feeling clean, light and soft.

A rich organic conditioner bar packed with cocoa butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to deeply nourish hair and help prevent split ends. Use this as a conditioner when washing or as a leave-in hair treatment.

Classic washing up bar, scented with organic lemon essential oil. The simplest solution to clean dishes without plastic.

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